Fearless Leadership Residency

Are you pursuing a career in ministry leadership?

 Are you feeling called to plant a church?


Residency could be your next step towards God’s DREAM for your future!

Why Residency?

Most degree programs that prepare students to lead in vocational ministry don’t provide potential pastors and leaders with the connections and hands-on experience they need to break into career level ministry jobs. The Fearless Leadership Residency is designed to bridge Ministry Leaders from their education (or previous job) into full-time ministry careers and to prepare pastors to lead new church plants. During your time in the residency you’ll learn more about yourself, church ministry, and what it means to work on a team for the advancement of Jesus’ Kingdom. Partner with our Fearless Family of Churches to discover God’s DREAM for your future in full-time ministry.

Our DREAM process will help you….

Discover how God has equipped you to lead

Rooted in God’s Word, His community, and His mission

Explore and be exposed to various aspects of ministry

Apprentice and gain valuable hands-on experience

Ministry training, mentoring, and coaching

Residencies available in…

  • Worship and Technical Arts Ministry
  • Young Adults Ministry
  • Student Ministry 
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Life Groups Ministry
  • Missions Ministry
  • Care and Pastoral Ministry
  • Operations and Executive Leadership

Our goal at the end of your residency is to…

1. Help you find a fulltime position within our churches,
2. Support your dream to plant a new church, or
3. Help you find your next step in ministry through our connections and recommendations.

I was set on my own course, but God had something bigger for me. He opened a door to the Fearless Leadership Residency, a year of growth, and now a full-time job working in a position that uses my passions and strengths!


Care Coordinator, Ridge Point Community Church

Through the Fearless Leadership Residency, I was pushed and grown into a style of leadership that best suited me.  It gave me the confidence and experience to authentically lead people in Worship, which I now do at one of our church plants!


Worship Leader, Cultivate Community Church

The Fearless Leadership Residency gave me a hands-on opportunity to develop in ministry leadership. And after two years I was able to couple what I learned in the residency, with a skillset I already had, to step into a full-time ministry position.


Food Service Coordinator, Ridge Point Community Church

The Fearless Leadership Residency includes three different phases of development that determine a resident’s focus and responsibilities for that season. Each phase traditionally lasts one ministry season (August-June). Residents are recommended into a phase of development based on the outcome of their interviews and assessments.


Ministry Apprentice

  • Choose a focus area of ministry within one of our churches. 
  • Learn to lead teams and events within a church ministry context.
  • Phase 1 concludes with commissioning out into ministry or an invitation to a Phase 2 of residency.


Ministry Leader

  • Learn to lead other leaders and whole programs.
  • Seek full-time employment within the Fearless Family of Churches or other organizations.
  • Phase 2 concludes with commissioning out into ministry or an invitation onto our staff.


Church Planter

  • Master’s level education or equivalent experience (i.e. Phases 1 & 2).
  • Complete church planting assessment and training.
  • Build an action plan and core team with Fearless Churches, and launch a new church!

To be considered for this residency you must be 18 years or older, have an undergraduate degree or equivalent experience, complete an online application by the deadline, be accepted through the interview process, and fundraise your minimum support amount by the beginning of the fall ministry season.

TIME: This is a full-time residency (40 hours a week). If you are in the process of completing a degree, or in a bi-vocational ministry situation, a possibility that a 30-hour residency may be available depending on the circumstances.



Phase 1 resident could make up to $2000 per month. You raise $500 minimum and we match you dollar for dollar up to $1000, for a combined total of $2000.

Phase 2 and phase 3 resident could make up to $3000 per month. You raise $750 minimum and we match you dollar for dollar up to $1500, for a combined total of $3000.


Fundraising is an important part of leadership in any non-profit organization. Your ability to fund your mission and vision is directly connected to the long-term success of your organization. 100% of the money you raise will go directly to your compensation. Anything raised over your combined yearly cap will cover training expenses through the residency program. We provide coaching and resources for your fundraising journey.


Matching support from the Fearless Family of Churches is meant to help you in purchasing health insurance as needed.


Studies show that church planting is THE most effective and efficient means of reaching those who are far from God with the love of Jesus. Rather than continuing to grow our existing churches, we have a vision to plant churches all over Western Michigan, in strategic cities around the country and in different countries throughout the world. To help us do this, we need leaders just like you. The Fearless Leadership Residency is our way cultivating, assessing, training, and sending leaders to serve at our current and future Fearless churches and at partner church plants. Our hope is that our residents will become staff members and pastors who help us catalyze a movement of church-planting churches.


Application Deadline

May 1, 2019

Assessment Party

June 6, 2019


August 12, 2019


I am a second year resident based at Cultivate Community Church helping to lead high school, middle school, and children’s ministries. My husband Alex and I have been married for almost a year now (in December!) and live in Grandville. God has used this residency to discover my love for church plants and further grow my passion for student ministry. Last year I shadowed various ministries and learned the big picture of how the different parts of Christ’s Body work together in the church. This year I am able to take a step up in my leadership and experience what it takes to lead a ministry with volunteers and students with God at the center! 

Hannah Kurtz

Phase 2

“I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM”…He has made this real for me the past few weeks.  My soul is being filled with the rewards of ministry.  I am learning that we may be wiping tears of sorrow off one shoulder and collecting joy off the other shoulder. 

Mike Jones

Phase 1

My husband John and I live in Holland with our three boys, Liam, Duke and Zeke. I was attracted to the residency because God had been calling me to a more active roll in leadership, but I fell in love with the idea of connecting technical training with ministry training, and being able to help support my family in that training period. Worshiping God fills my soul with fire, and I thank Him every day for allowing me to be taken in by the staff of the Fearless network of churches to make that a career.

Betsy Maxwell

Phase 1