One of the experiences our Fearless Residents have is going to the Frederic Meijer Gardens for the butterfly season.  As you enter the conservatory, there is an instant awareness of God’s handiwork in creation and that these butterflies have a purpose.

Later we head to the café to reflect on what was observed and ask each resident to give their transformation story about what Jesus has done in their life.

Each story is real, raw, and beautiful.  It is wonderful for the residents to verbally tell their story.  Here are a few observations:


  • The moments of our lives when we were wrapped in the darkness of the cocoon was truly the time of our greatest transformations.
  • There were butterflies that had emerged from their cocoons and they were being caught and placed in a glass house so they could be released into the beautiful arboretum where they could soar & experience a freedom they have never known.  Some were very easy to catch and others had to be pursued.  It reminded me of the relentless pursuit that God does for each of us and how we run and hide because we are comfortable right where we are. We really don’t have any idea of the wonderful places He wants to take us.
  • As we looked at a huge butterfly that had emerged from its cocoon,we wondered what cocoon it must have come from because no cocoon in that enclosure looked large enough for the wingspan of that beautiful creature.  It made us stop and think about how we “let” God have us,yet we only give him the amount that we feel we are able to fulfill.  We have no idea that He gives us wings far greater than we believe is even capable.  That “we are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us”…Marianne Williamson
  • That even if winged creatures flying around us and at us make us incredibly uncomfortable, it is a reminder that many times, God has us in places that are uncomfortable & places we would rather not be.


These Fearless residents are being taught that they have been created in God’s image, that they are unique and that, in advance, God prepared something specifically for them to do.  Our job is often to listen and be fully open to His leading in our lives. Spread your wings and soar!