Fearless Followers!

Have you ever been on an adventure? Last week I was walking along the shore of Lake Huron searching for beach glass on Mackinac Island. For me it was a relaxing and fun time with my family. For Pike it was a hunt for buried treasure. Within the span of a few minutes he created a world and story for himself in which Kristi and I were digging for treasure and he was our heroic protector, saving us from enemies and invisible threats attempting to thwart our plans. As I watched him fully invest himself into this amazing story and adventure I thought, “What if I could live an adventure like that every day?”

Most of us never think about it, but we have an invitation to an adventure (the greatest adventure of our lives) waiting for us in our living rooms, on our phones and sitting on the shelf. The Bible is an unfolding story of God’s action in our world and lives. When we read it, study it and apply it to our lives we are pulled into God’s story and the great adventure He has for us. As Followers of Jesus we want to step into God’s great adventure and learn how to better study the Bible in our daily lives. That’s why we are so excited for our new 3-week teaching series: The Great Adventure!

Over the next few weeks we will explore 3 important steps to studying the Bible: What the Bible says, what the Bible means and we will do as we apply the Bible to our lives! This will be an incredible series for those who study the Bible regularly, want to learn more about the Bible and even those unfamiliar with the Bible all together. I want to encourage you to join us for the next three weeks and bring a friend with you!

Let’s step into a great adventure together as we Follow Jesus and Fearlessly Make Him Known!

Grace and Peace,
Teaching Pastor
Ridge Point Community Church
Fearless Family of Churches