Sermon Title: Why Do I Need to Go to Church if I Already Believe in God?


Text: Ephesians 4: 1-16



Message Notes:
  • You don’t need church to believe in God.
  • You need church to follow Jesus.
Deeper Dive:

Reflect on and answer the following questions…

Intro- In the second part of the series we explore why it’s important to go to church, especially if it’s risky and inconvenient. 

QUESTION 1 – Do you think it’s important to commit time and energy into attending church with other Followers of Jesus? Why, or why not? 

QUESTION 2 – Is going to church necessary for a relationship God?

QUESTION 3 – How was church attendance different for the early followers of Jesus from what it is today? 

QUESTION 4 – In what ways does church help make you more like Jesus?

QUESTION 5 – Who are some Fearless Followers of Jesus (in your life) that make you better/challenge you to be more like Jes