Sermon Title: Why Do Christians Want to Convert Others?


Text: John 18:36-37; 14:6; 17: 17-26; Mark 16:15-16



Message Notes:
  • Christians share their faith because they’ve been transformed and commissioned.
Deeper Dive:

Reflect on and answer the following questions…

Intro- In the conclusion of the series we will explore why followers of Jesus share the message of the gospel with others.

Question 1 – Is God an objective or subjective truth?

Question 2 – What does it mean when Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life?”

Question 3 – Is Christian conversion about thinking the correct things, or about meeting with the love of Jesus?

Question 4 – As you look at your life, where has God been guiding and transforming your life?

Question 5 – What is it that Jesus has commissioned his followers to do in Mark 16:15?