Baptism services are one of our favorite days of the year! So, you can imagine we are still reeling from this past Sunday and Monday. We watched, cheered, and celebrated several Fearless Followers getting baptized. Why? Because baptism is an outward expression of the inner work that the Holy Spirit has already done in us. It’s about going public with our commitment to follow Jesus and Fearlessly make him know, and that’s exactly what these followers did, following in the steps of Jesus.

Jesus set the example of baptism, and there’s so much we can learn from Him. In Matthew 3, Jesus stepped into the waters of the Jordan River to be baptized by John, but he was not baptized to express forgiveness of sin because he had no personal sin. He was baptized because it was the will of the Father, and that is the motivation for us to get baptized.

So, baptism is our response to what Jesus is doing in us through the Holy Spirit. We get baptized because it is God’s will for our lives. When we go into the water of baptism, we are dying to our old sinful lives. When we rise up from the water, we are being raised to new life in Christ. This is the ultimate expression of faithfulness to God.

We know that God is pleased when we are obedient to Him, and baptism is one of those days in the life of a Christian when you are at the center of God’s will. That’s why we celebrate so much those who’ve been baptized and encourage all believers to get baptized.

Author: Community Life Pastor, Jerry Opiyo