I love what I get to do every day! Part of my job is to help Fearless Followers tell the stories of how God is changing their lives and to make them feel comfortable do it in front of a camera.

It never fails; there is a moment during the editing of each video that I am overcome with emotion and tear up, or start to laugh, or pump my fist in excitement for the person /people in the video.

There is real power in sharing our stories. In Revelation 12, it says “They defeated him (our accuser: Satan) through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of their witness. ” (msg).  Did you catch it?  Satan is defeated when we fearlessly share our stories!

That is why in 2018, we will continue to share your great stories of God’s faithfulness and God’s transformative power.

Thank you for sharing your stories in 2017!  I can’t wait to hear the stories you will tell in 2018!

Jason Craner,

Communication Director


Fearless Couple

It took amazing courage to for Brian and Sara to share this story! We heard so many people tell us how God used this story to help them seek help with the family drama they were experiencing.

Fearless Kids

This video was produced for our Father’s Day service.  I don’t think there was a dad in this video that didn’t tear up a little when their kids talked about how they see Jesus in their dad.

Moving Together

When we MOVE together on the same mission and vision, God multiplies our efforts!

Pastors in Cars Singing Songs

We put a couple of dashboard cameras in the car and captured this video while filming a series of promo videos for our Spring teaching series.

Baptism Highlights

Hearing testimonies and watching baptisms never gets old.

Truck-or-Treat Promo

I love videos with kids (especially the two kids in this video; my sons).

Rooted Promo

So much can happen in 10-weeks! These Rooted groups shared their Rooted experience.

Tanzania – Hope of the Nations

As a part of this year’s Reach & Restore campaign, Kurt Rietema talked about his adventure in Tanzania.

Serving Together

Our Campus Services team put this great video together to recruit folks to their team.

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