God is moving, and he is using Ridge Point Community Church to do his work. We just wrapped up “Fill a Bag Fill a Belly” and this is the story of how the fearless family helped feed hungry children in west Michigan.


What was the last thing you ate? Was it hot or cold? Did you worry at all about how you would get that meal? What about when you were a kid, do you remember going to bed without food? Some kids in our community don’t have food in abundance, they get off the bus and just want a snack to eat, the fridge is empty, the pantry is barren. It’s not their fault, and some might not know how to fill their bellies. Over time, malnutrition can become a factor for the kids right here in west Michigan and the Holland area. God calls us to provide for those who may not be able to provide for themselves. Kids Food Basket has made a way for us to partner with them and join the fight against child hunger. So many fearless followers stepped up, and even though to some of us it seems easy, together we are making a HUGE difference!


With the leadership of Abby Strange, our local mission’s coordinator, and the generosity of the fearless family, we filled over 4,680 supper packs! That number is so amazing, just think about it for a minute. For an entire week, the food that you purchased and donated, helped feed over 900 kids every single night! Some of us have children, two, three, four kids and we know what it takes to feed just four or five of our own. Now think about 900 kids every night for a week! God is so good! Our prayer is that these meals will provide joy and nutrition to a child as they leave school that day, with a smile on their face and food in their backpack. Food that will give them energy to play sports, do homework, stay active and engage with others. God loves his children and through the church he will care for them. We are always seeking out ways to support our community and we invite you to join us and experience the joy of serving the Lord! Thank you to everyone who participated, we are so grateful we get to partner with you!