Our Newest Hire:

The People Helping People team is growing! We are so excited to welcome our newest team member, Mike Jones, who will be serving as our Community Pastor. In this role, Mike will help us create a safe place for the community to explore Jesus. He will provide leadership to our Sunday worship services, outreach initiatives and ensuring every PHP program is living into our mission of showing the hope found in Jesus! Read what Mike has to say about joining our team below:

“I am super excited about joining the PHP team. It has been a blessing to serve with them in the Pullman community for the past eight years through Pullman Ministry. In the process, I’ve learned that God’s dream for my life is truly greater than my ambitions. I grew up in and around the Pullman community and ran a mess of life while there. But seven years ago, I felt called and lead by God to move back, but to move back with a mission of the Kingdom kind. At the time, I was driving semi and volunteering with any spare time I had. I never had the thought of becoming a pastor, but it seems God has a sense of humor.

It’s amazing how he aligned everything in my life for this moment. For his glory. 

Becoming the PHP Community Pastor will allow me to be in Pullman full time. My hope is to first reach those who are far from Christ by showing the love Jesus and building relationships, inviting them into a safe space to learn  about our Savior, and helping lead the community to their full, God-given potential.”

To learn more about Fearless Family’s Missional Partnership with People Helping People, Contact Jeff Kruithof, PHP’s Executive Director or Robyne FF Residency Coordinator