Sermon Title: How Does God Change Me?


Text: Romans 8: 28-30



Message Notes:

God uses all things for His purpose.

God never promises to make us comfortable. He promises to make us like Jesus.

Deeper Dive:

Reflect on and answer the following questions…


In this series, we will look at the process of change, becoming better, and how God does that.



Have you ever felt angry or disappointed with God when life did not go how you expected?   



Are you willing to except that hard situations grow you closer to Jesus and allow the hard parts to be one of the ways He chooses to work in you?



Can you think of a situation in your own life that was too hard, unexpected, or did not seem fair? Scripture says God will work through every situation – all things to make us more like Jesus. How did you grow from that situation?



Jesus’ suffering is something that we need to be familiar with and that it is going to a part of God’s plan and process for us as well. Share with your group or someone close to you about the hard situations you’re facing today.



How is God making you more like Jesus in this season of your life?