Our generosity to children makes us more like Jesus, that is why we do this. We do this because we are blessed for the sake of being a blessing to others. We partner with Jubilee Center because children in Zambia live in poverty; like one meal every two days type of poverty. Can we even comprehend that? One meal every two days may not even compute for some of us. I personally have already eaten two meals today and it’s not even noon.

Zambia is a country in the southern part of Africa. The living conditions can be hostile, in combination with poor health care, low income, and evil in the world, children become vulnerable to their environment. Through child sponsorship, or simple donations, our efforts bring smiles to the faces of children and bring glory to God. In Zambia, there are more than 8 million children. 11.3% of those have lost one or both of their parents, and the estimated number of orphans and children at risk is around 1.3 million. Those are big numbers, so let’s pause for a second and recognize the truth. No one person can help every kid, but one person can help one kid, or one family. We are a team, Jubilee Centre has given us the chance to see the difference we can make, and Heidi and Mary Jo, here at Ridge Point, are the bridge from here to there.

The fearless family currently sponsors 165 children through Jubilee Centre in Zambia. This monthly commitment of generosity provides basic needs to the kids; food, healthcare, clothes, and school fees/supplies just to name a few. This partnership is so much more than money though, it is a relationship, it is prayer, it is hope. Sponsors receive photos of the child they help and can pray for them and write them letters. The fearless family/Jubilee Centre team even have a mission trip planned for June 2022 to go to Zambia and see their smiling faces and meet them in person! Fearless followers will be able to meet their sponsored child and see what their life is like in Zambia. Maryjob@fearlessfollower.org has much more info and would love to talk with anyone who has any other questions. Not everyone will be in a position to go to Zambia, but we can all have compassion, and we can all pray for these children. God bless.