God has called the Fearless Family of Churches to make disciples and leaders while also planting churches to Fearlessly Make Him Known.  When we caught the vision of Paradise Bound Ministries (PBM) and realized that their mission was our mission, we got excited about the possibilities!  When we joined the PBM staff on a mission trip, not only were we thrilled and inspired by the work that happens in Guatemala, we felt the call to participate in the work of bringing the Good News  to a village there through a deep-rooted relationship that will span more than a week into the next decade.  We aren’t just adopting a village: we are responding to Jesus’ commission to Reach out with His mercy and grace to Restore hope in West MI and Guatemala through Relationship that will make His will and way known.” “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit” Matthew 28:19!

Here is some exciting news from Paradise Bound!

We, Paradise Bound Ministries, are excited to announce our most recent Village Adoption by the Fearless Family (FF) of Churches in West Michigan who have faithfully answered God’s call to make disciples in Guatemala through our Village Adoption Outreach.  The FF was presented with 3 very different remote and isolated villages, all available for adoption.  After prayerful consideration by their leadership team, the decision was unanimous…they have chosen the village of Cambalcol (Kahm-Bahl-Cohl)!

Check out this video on Cambalcol and the amazing opportunity we have!

Would you like to spend time in our “adopted village” this fall?  Travel with our trip team: October 19-26, 2021!!  Applications wanted by May 27, 2021!  Contact MaryJoB@FearlessFollower.org to learn more!