Community and especially Christian community is supposed to be a safe place, not a hiding place. It should be a place to share your heart, be honest and transparent. It is a place to share life without holding back because you are assured that your group has your back…. all in order to facilitate discipleship.

But community is messy because people are messy! Many of us leaders, as much as we want our groups to be nice and tidy, will readily confess that we deal with messes all the time. Here is a great video to help us work through the messes in our groups.

Also Happening at Ridge Point

Winter has been going for a while, but Spring is around the corner! And with the sun and warmth comes Rooted! This is a great missional opportunity for your Life Group to engage and invite people to Rooted. The Kick-off is on April 16th at 4 pm. Sign up now!

Mission Opportunity
A block party trailer is available to Life Groups as a tool for connecting missionally in their neighborhoods. The trailer includes a bounce house, smaller kids’ games, and a party grill. Life Groups can use the trailer for free. Groups will only provide food.  Email for more information.

Life Group Leader Huddle
The Life Group Leader Huddles are an opportunity to meet with other leaders, share your experiences, learn from one another and be equipped as a leader. Sign up here for an upcoming Leader Huddle.


Jerry Rawlings – Rooted Coordinator