Working with children can be hard, and it has been a long few years. As someone who is always helping others, you might wonder, who is helping the helpers? 

We want to help! Join us for a DAY OF HOPE – a one day event for school workers, ministry staff, volunteers – if you work with children, we want you here to bring rest and refreshment to your soul, career and life.

This event is $10.00 and includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, event materials and a family pass to our August 17 concert with Brena at the Summer Concert Series.

We have had tons of amazing donors who want to bless you with gifts, supplies and love to show their appreciation for all you do for the next generation.


8:00 – Registration and Check-In (With Breakfast)

9:00 – Main Session: Unpacking the Hard

9:45-10:45 – Breakout Sessions (see below)

11-12:00p – Breakout Sessions (see below)

12:00p – Lunch

12:30p-1:30p – Main Session: Moving from Self-Care to We Care w/ Rebekah Schipper

Post-Event Optionals: 

2p – Spend an hour at New Holland Brewing Company enjoying a “buy one – get one” appetizer and share some time with co-workers!

5:30p-8:00p – Bring your family to the Ridge Point Summer Concert Series (***Your registration includes a family pass to the concert with local artist “Brena”)


Opening Session

Unpacking the Hard

In this opening session, Josh Zoerhof, MA, LLPC will help us reflect on the past pains and struggles of the last few years – how to acknowledge them and how to let them go.

Closing Session

Moving from “Self Care to We Care” In this closing session, Rebekah Schipper will discuss the importance of caring for each other and those around us in the coming year.

Break Out Sessions

Understanding Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue (Presented at Both Breakout Times)

In this breakout, Tori Reavy, LMSW (Winning at Home) will help unpack compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma – offering practical helps and strategies.

Technology and Stress (Presented at Both Breakout Times)

In this breakout, David McGovern, LLPC (Winning at Home) will discuss the impact of digital technology and social media on emotional health and stress. He will offer practical methods of “taking a tech time out” and how to use technology healthfully.

What Yoga and Movement Can Do For You and Your Students (Presented at Both Breakout Times)

Is it hard for your students to sit still and stay on task? Does it seem nearly impossible? Research shows how specific movement is essential to stimulate brain and body systems necessary to maximize children’s learning potential. In this session, learn some basics of why children need movement for optimal learning, and how to integrate yoga and movement right into the curriculum you’re already using. Founder of Sing Song Yoga®, Deb Weiss-Gelmi has a Masters in Reading and Literacy and is thrilled to share her unique understandings to support a higher achieving, moving-with-purpose classroom. 

Sound Bath Therapy (Presented at Both Breakout Times)

In this breakout with Jenn Geitzen, discover how sound can bring relief and calm to you and your students.

Nature Therapy (Available at Both Breakout Times)

In this self-guided nature walk – you will learn how to find peace and relaxation in nature.


Join Us For A Day of Hope On August 17, 2022 from 9a-1:30p!