The Journey

of 100 Feet

This 12 month journey is being offered to provide opportunities for education and developing relationships through cultural experiences.  By participating on this journey, we actively seek out ways to learn and connect through experiences that teach us about others’ stories.

Our hope is that through these experiences with a group we will increase our appreciation of diversity and seek to be anti-racist in our church and greater community.

What to expect

A year of experiences aimed at helping participants learn and grow in relationships with others who are different from themselves culturally and ethnically. Each month, members will have the opportunity to go through an experience with the group and debrief afterwards.

The hope is that by the end of the year, members will have:

  1. Participated in at least 3 cultural experiences that were new to them.
  2. Built relationship with at least 1 person from a different racial or ethnic group.
  3. Learned specific scriptural support for why we are called to be anti-racist. 

After every experience, members will discuss the following three topics: 

  1. What did you learn that you didn’t know before? What was new to you? 
  2. How did it make you feel to participate? 
  3. What is your next step?  Who will you talk to about this experience? What are you going to do with what you’ve learned? 

The Journey


April 20: Kick-off meeting with group.

We will introduce ourselves, talk about goals of the group and ground rules for conversations. Our journey will begin by watching a short video and an opportunity to discuss.


May 22: African American Experience

We are headed on a field trip to the African American Museum and Archives in Grand Rapids.  We will share a meal out and process as a group. 


June 22: Latinx Experience in Holland

We will be hosting a panel on the Latinx Experience with Ben Aguilera and Dina Martinez Matchinsky


July 20: Latin Culture – Movie Night

Join us for a family movie night as we explore elements of Latin culture by watching the movie “Coco”


August 21: Asian Cultural Experience

Together we will attend the International Festival in Holland with a focus on learning about Asian cultures that are represented there.


September 21: Race, Faith and Culture Discussion

We will learn about the differences between race, ethnicity, and culture and how they can inform our response to racism.  


October: Panel Discussion on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity with local pastors and experts.

We will be talking through what diversity, inclusion and equity looks like as we seek to follow Jesus and fearlessly make Him known


November: International Cultural Experience

Some of our fearless family international friends will be joing us to share their experience of living both abroad and in the US. This evening will include a family potluck (please bring your own family dish to share).


January: Conversations on Privilege

What does “privilge” mean?  Who experiences it and how does it affect daily life?  Join us as we watch a video on privilege and discuss as a group.


February: Chicago Family Field Trip

Join us as we explore many cultural experiences in the City of Chicago.


March: Church and Racism

Join us as we explore and discuss the impact of racism within the history of the American Church.


April: Next Steps

In our last time together, we will explore next steps and opportunities to continue to learn and grow in cultural, ethnic and racial awareness.

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