Our Dream

The Fearless Family of Churches believe there is unity in diversity through the power of the gospel. By following Jesus and fearlessly making him known, we want to strive to become an anti-racist family of churches that is inclusive of people of every race, culture, and socio-economic standing.


Are you looking to learn more about faith, race and culture? Our team has compiled a list of resources for individuals and families of all ages and stages of life!

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Learning about faith, race & culture

Once a month, we will gather together to actively seek out ways to learn and connect through experiences that teach us about what it means to be Jesus followers as related to faith, race and culture.  We will share different ethnic food, invites special guests, have interactive conversations and experiences and provide a safe space to ask questions and grow.

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Support and Prayer

Our staff would love to listen to you, talk with you and connect you to professionals to help you navigate this challenging time.