During this week’s Rooted leader meeting, we asked the question “what do you love?” In response, one of the leaders shared an image that I believe shows clearly what Rooted is about. She said that she loves jigsaw puzzles. She loves putting the pieces together, patiently figuring how they fit together until she comes to the final piece and the picture comes to life. 

 Many of us go through life trying to figure out how the pieces fit together. We sometimes get frustrated and even give up. That is because we don’t know what the final image should be. But through Rooted, we get in touch with God who not only know the how the pieces fit together but has also determined what the final product should look like. God has given us his son Jesus who is the image of the invisible God so that by imitating Jesus, we may become who He created us to be. 

 Over the 10 weeks of Rooted, God will gradually put the pieces of our lives together. He will connect us to other people, whose stories will fit into our puzzled lives in interesting ways. Who knows? In the end, God might just reveal to you what the final product should look like.

 So if your life feels like a puzzle right now, sign up for Rooted and watch God put the pieces together. Email Jerryr@fearlessfollower.org if you want to talk about what your Rooted experience can look like.