Picture your car. What is the most important part? The part you cannot imagine driving without? For some, it is the steering wheel. For others, it is the brakes or the seat belts and airbags. Yet for others, it is the GPS, radio, heat, air conditioning, even the cup holder. We all tend to think about what we regularly use, or have suffered the consequences of not having or being in bad shape. But when we think critically, we will realize that a car is made for one purpose – motion. The purpose of a car is to move people from one point to another. There are critical components in the car that enable the achievement of this goal. Most other components assume that the car is already achieving its primary purpose and are put in to add comfort, safety, efficiency or leisure. What, then, are the critical components of any car? Well, the first is the engine. The car engine is tasked with converting fuel into energy. Without an engine, there is no car. But even the engine does not work alone. It needs fuel (or electricity). Without fuel to burn, no matter how good and engine is, there will be no motion. Therefore, the second important element in a car is the fuel it takes. However, even with a good engine and fuel, the car will sit idly unable to move, unless it has wheels! The wheels are what make it possible for a car to finally do what it is created to do – to move.

Life Group is just like your car. The fuel is what you take in, either through the Bible study, sermons, book studies or sharing life stories. This fuel feeds your soul and without it, you will not grow. We all know that fuel runs out. Your Life Group will encounter situations that will consume the fuel in your tanks. That is why you have to meet regularly to top up your spiritual, relational, emotional tanks. But fuel must be converted to energy. This is where the engine comes in. The engine represents discipleship. It is where the word of God seeps into the crevices of our lives, firing us up, recharging our souls for the life of faith. The Holy Spirit works in our hearts, challenging, converting and producing life transformation. There are life-giving conversations to have, questions to ponder, and decisions to make and changes to embrace. Unfortunately, many of us stop here. We get excited about all the things we are learning but don’t do anything about it. Our engines are burning fuel but running idle in the garage.

Like our cars, we are created and called to live on mission. We are blessed to be a blessing. We are commanded to, as we are going, make disciples. We are expected to move! The wheels represent living on mission. It is where we go to the places where we live, work and play and share the news of all that God has done for us in Christ. This is not something we should do. It is something we must do. Not moving is living for less than we were created for. It’s like a great car that never leaves the showroom.

What is the condition of your group? What dashboard lights are flashing? Do you need to top up your tank because you are on the verge of empty? How is your engine performing?  Is your check engine light flashing? Do you need to think about your spiritual disciplines? Do you need to be more intentional about your conversations and challenge each other to grow? What about your wheels? Do you have any? Is your tire pressure good or are your wheels flat? Because if they are you won’t move. What, then, is the status of your group? Take some time to reflect together on the state of your group. Are you living as a Family of Disciples on Mission?

Jerry Rawlings

Rooted | Life Groups