Sermon Title: Pursuing Your Spouse in Parenthood

Text: Genesis 2:23-24

Message Notes:

When you pursue your spouse you will:

  • You ________  __________
  • You ________ Your __________
  • Your _________ Will ___________

Deeper Dive:

Reflect on and answer the following questions…

QUESTION 1 – What would you say are your top 5 priorities in life, and in what order do you prioritize them? 

QUESTION 2 – In what ways does the society encourage and even celebrate putting your kids ahead of your spouse? 

QUESTION 3 – In what ways do you find yourself putting your kids ahead of your spouse? Share some stories to illustrate. 

QUESTION 4 – We learned from Genesis 1:18-24 that God’s design is that when we pursue oneness with our spouse, we can fill the earth and subdue it. When we don’t, we lose the capacity to fulfill God’s charge to humanity. How have you seen this to be true? Explain. 

QUESTION 5 – We also saw that raising your children is a temporary assignment. But your relationship with your spouse lasts longer. What do you find encouraging or challenging about this? Why? 

QUESTION 6 – Our marriage and parenting both flourish when we prioritize pursuing our spouse. Three ways we can start doing that is by a) prioritizing pursuing God and our spouse, b) letting our children see us pursuing each other, c) intentionally scheduling events that build our relationships. Which of these do you need to start/restart doing? How will you do it?