For Every Child – Sponsorships

A friend of mine once said that Compassion is mercy and love in action. I think he is spot one. Every time we move to help someone or assist someone because they have a need and we have the power to help, our movement is the action of compassion.

A few weeks ago, I watched 13 teenagers spend a week putting compassion into action. They encouraged, hugged, laughed with and prayed for the children and families of La Canada Honduras. They blew 1,000’s of bubbles and kicked soccer balls around the yard of the church that the Fearless Family of Churches helped to build a few years back. They also spent hours going door to door taking surveys to help assess the needs in the community. The 13 students from Ridge Point, Cultivate and Third Coast soon discovered that most of the people in the town live on .03-$1.60 a day. They learned that the town of La Canada was destroyed by a hurricane but rebuilt with the help of people who were moved in action by the need to show compassion. The 50 homes built were such a blessing to the families of La Canada. As the students asked questions about the homes, they also discovered that most of the families who lived there didn’t have access to clean drinking water and most of the kids in the town didn’t always eat regular meals.

One student, after hearing this news was so moved that they exclaimed, “I spend more money on coffee a month than some of these families make. I could help them. I could ask my cousin (who was on the trip with us) to help with me. We both have jobs and we could help make sure that one of the children of La Canada is taken care of.” She was absolutely right. It turns out that she and her cousin each spend around $15 on coffee a month. It costs $38 to Sponsor one of the children of La Canada, Honduras and Zambia.

One of the most powerful opportunities, that leaves a life-time impact and lavishes people with compassion, is child sponsorship. A number of Fearless Follower currently sponsor 100 under-resourced children in Ndola, Zambia and La Canada, Honduras to help them with basic necessities, education and spiritual development. We have recently started a partnership with Compassion International in Honduras and are expanding our partnership with the Jubilee Center in Zambia. This weekend, in partnership with all the Fearless Churches, we can increase our impact to 300 more children.

This weekend you are invited to join us as we put mercy into action by Sponsoring a child of Compassion. We can lavish love on God’s children in other countries by helping to make sure that children have regular meals, clean water, education and medical care all through child sponsorship’s. I hope that you join us as we partner with Compassion International to show that we are For Every Child.


Kate Bareman
Community Life Pastor
Ridge Point Community Church
Fearless Family of Churches