Sermon Title: Go


Text: Acts 3: 6-9



Message Notes:
  • Go:  Bringing the ___________ of Jesus to our ______, ________, and __________.
  • How to change the world:
    1. Make a ________
    2. Meet a _________
    3. Move towards _________
Deeper Dive:

Reflect on and answer the following questions…

Intro- In our vision series, we will explore how the steps of gather, group, and go play a role in our faith development by looking at the model of the early church in Acts.

QUESTION 1 – What’s a need in our city, region, or world that fills you with passion or compassion? 

QUESTION 2 – How can you engage in meeting this need in a meaningful way? When will you?

QUESTION 3 – Who’s a person in your life, or your area of serving, who needs a friend?

QUESTION 4 – How can you show kindness or encouragement to them this week?

QUESTION 5 – What has Jesus done in your life to bring restoration? Who needs to hear your story?