Sermon Title: The Power of Group


Text: Acts 2: 42-47



Message Notes:
Deeper Dive:

Reflect on and answer the following questions…

Intro- In our vision series, we will explore how the steps of gather, group, and go play a role in our faith development by looking at the model of the early church in Acts.

QUESTION 1 – According to Mark 3:31-35, who is your brother and mother in your life right now?

QUESTION 2 – Have you heard of the phrase “learn, do, coach?” Or “meet a need, make a friend, and move them toward Jesus?” If so, have you put this into practice before?

QUESTION 3 – How could you be a better disciple or learner?

QUESTION 4 – What is the mission God has you on or wants to move you toward?

QUESTION 5 – What group of people do you need around you to accomplish the mission?