Giving Tree provides Fearless Followers thoughtful ways to partner with our “Regional” and “Global” Mission partners to Pray, Serve, and/or Give this Christmas season.

To participate on-line, CLICK HERE, or simply email me at and let me know the way(s) you would like to participate.

To participate In person – visit our “Giving Trees” in the Main Lobby or the Commons before or after our weekend services November 28/29 and December 5/6.  Here you will Choose a Tree, Chose an Ornament, and Check-in with the volunteer.

This year our options include:

Pullman Ministries – Adopt a Family: Sponsor a vulnerable family who lives in or near Pullman, MI with Christmas gifts

Mosaic: offers ways to support our foster and adoptive families with opportunities to Pray, Serve & Give

Our World: Supports our Global Partners

  • Paradise Bound in Guatemala with Pray, Serve and Give options.
  • Avance Misionero in Honduras: Sponsor a child (through Compassion) and Pray
  • Jubilee Centre in Zambia: Sponsor a child! along with pray and serve options

Please return any gifts (packaged and clearly labeled) to Ridge Point by Monday, December 14, 2020.  Place them under the appropriate Giving Tree in the Main lobby or Commons