Providing Fearless Followers a thoughtful way to give and serve this Christmas season

As we celebrate Christ’s birth, giving to others in Christ’s name is a wonderful way to respond to God’s gift to us.

Formerly known as Adopt-A-Family

GIVING TREEs are set up near the main entrances of the building.  Before December 5, choose one of three Missional Initiatives represented by one of the trees, remove an ornament from that tree and receive instructions from the volunteer near the trees.

Below, are some ideas for what gifts you or your Life Group may want to provide for the families involved in the Giving Tree this year.

Please provide: A gift or gifts for each family member listed on the Family Profile. We recommend that you stay within a range of $20 – $30 per family member. Please do not wrap your gifts. Parents have the opportunity to give these gifts to their children/spouse and may want to wrap them.

Pray: Pray for “your” family; starting today and throughout the coming year.

Job 42:10 – “And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job, when he had prayed for his friends. And the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.”

Delivery:  Two options:

  1. If you have chosen an ornament with the option of “bring your gifts to the family’s home”
    1. Contact your family to schedule a day/time to bring your gifts
    2. Please place your gifts in a box or bag and clearly/securely label – To: Family name/address, and From: your name
    3. Deliver your gift: preferable during the week of December 12, 2016
  2. If you have chosen an ornament with the option “Community Gathering”
    1. Plan to attend a “hot chocolate & cookie” gathering at the Pullman Community Center on Saturday, December 17, 2017. (915 North Ave, Pullman, MI)

**times: If your “Pullman family’s” last name begins with:

Letters A-L: 10-11:30 a.m.       M-R: 11:30 – 1:00 p.m.           S-Z: 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

  1. Families will plan on these times too. If you go to the gathering and find that your family isn’t able to be there, you can leave your gifts at the Community Center with the Pullman leaders. They will deliver them. It is very important that your gifts are clearly and securely labeled:

To:       Your “adopted family’s” contact information

From:   Your first and last name.

  1. If you would rather drop your gifts off at Ridge Point, please let us know. They need to be at RP by Monday, December 12, 2016

If you would like to cultivate a relationship with your adopted family, you could:

  1. Invite them to meet you at Ridge Point-Pullman Ministries on a specific Thursday evening for dinner and worship
  2. Schedule a day/time to meet them in Pullman for an activity (i.e. out for pizza)

Contact:         Douglas with general questions                      616-550-0587

Contact:         Emily with general questions  

Contact:         Martha Cerda’s cell                                                                                      616-298-5389

Directions; LoveINC is next door to Community Center. Their address is: 943 56th St, Pullman, MI 49450: Travel South on I-196. Take exit 26 for 109th Ave toward Pullman. Turn right on 109th. Travel 5.8 miles. Turn left at the blinking light on 56th.



Fill out one or more options on the list

Enclose check list & gift cards in the return envelope and drop in the mail or in one of the offering boxes at church. Please leave new pj’s, books, etc for the Co-op under the tree by Monday December 12.


You may choose a child or family from the tree to pray over. Please be sure to indicate which child/family you are praying over so we can provide you updates as possible.

Become a Prayer Team Warrior to support Mosaic families in prayer and offer encouragement.


Co-op: Work for 2 hours with regular Mosaic volunteers to sort, hang and organize at the Co-op.

Book Drive: Work as a family to collect new/used children’s books from family/neighbors/friends.

Christmas Event: Help with set-up/clean-up and serve food (pizza, drinks, etc.). May also help with Raffle drawings. Event is Fri, Dec 9, 2016 @ Holland Aquatic Center.

Provide a meal for a foster/adoptive/Safe Family needing support.


Gift Cards and Certificates to restaurants and local family fun places (movies, crazy bounce, Craigs Cruisers, mini-golf, Captain Sundae, etc) provide support, encouragement and opportunities to build family-strengthening memories.

For the Co-op: New PJ’s (summer and winter), undies and socks are an ongoing need for our families! We can’t keep them in stock, especially for school aged kids. Kids gym shoes (size 12 & up) and boys jeans (sizes 3T & up). Kid books are also great.


Ornaments will be available on the Giving Trees from November 26th to December 4th, 2016. Please return your gifts for the co-op or “check-list & gift card/certificate (if applicable) by Monday, December 12.


Please contact Wendy Cheek: or 616-403-1687

Thank you for supporting and caring for our local foster, adoptive & Safe Families this way! They are so blessed by these gifts, supports, and prayers. It greatly enhances our ability to meet needs and “be the Church.”

The following is a list of ways to support our friends connected to Avance Misionero Church, in Honduras


Pray over the Church leaders: Pastor Jose & his team; Candy, Josue & Reina

Pray over the 5 women in the Bible Study Crafting Class

Pray over the kiddos in Sunday School


School scholarship – shoes, uniforms, books, etc. ($60)

Discipleship materials – Bibles, books, Devotionals, ie Jesus Calling ($30)

Cleaning Supplies for classrooms ($10)

Crafting Materials – $25. Gift Cards from Michael’s/Hobby Lobby

Use the return envelope for your financial gifts


Options for return (by Sunday, December 11, 2016)

Check list – return envelope

Check 1 or more option on the list

Enclose your check or gift card and your choices marked on the “short list” in the return envelope and drop in the mail or in one of the offering boxes at church

On-line giving form

Gift Cards:

Ridge Point’s Ambassadors to Honduras, Kaedyn Cheek & Andrea Busscher will use the store gift cards to purchase crafts & supplies. They will use the Visa card to purchase Bibles & Jesus Calling Devotionals (en Espanol) in Honduras (benefits the local economy)


The week of December 19, 2016, Ridge Point’s business office will send the funds to Avance Misionero with a memo indicating how the fund have been requested to be used.


Contact:         Mary Jo: or 616-218-6235

Contact:         Douglas C: or 616-550-0587

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