Reaching the world.

our dream

Empowering and equipping Fearless Followers to form relationships that bring Jesus’ transformation in our world.

Why missions?

God calls and empowers us to bring Jesus’ love, healing and hope to the world as well as our home communities.

Globally, we build church to church partnerships to bring pieces of God’s Kingdom here now through church planting, leadership development, child sponsorships and missions trips.

There’s plenty of opportunity for every follower of Jesus to engage missionally.


Our purpose is to partner with and walk alongside Jubilee Centre in integral mission: that is, to be salt and light in their communities.

Fearless Family (FF-JC)  walks alongside Jubilee Centre, an existing Christian Non-Government Organization in Zambia that has been labeled, “a Christian think tank on wheels.”  JC through the leadership of  Executive Director David, Temfwe equips, empowers, and inspires pastors in their network of churches, which are located in Ndola and Lusaka Zambia.

The Fearless Family deploys a short-term trip team to Zambia once a year, usually late May- early June.  The trip is a mix of learning about different aspects of JC’s ministry, meeting trip participant’s sponsored children, teaching workshops,  while glimpsing  daily life in Zambia”.

One of the important aspects of our partnership is the Jubilee Centre Child Sponsorship Program (JC-CSP).

There is also a gift catalog that you can access here that has gifts you can purchase for the students and families there.

The JC-CSP is a holistic approach to addressing the needs of orphans and vulnerable children that equips families while providing for the child’s needs.  With your help, a child’s life is changed.

To learn more, Contact:  Mary Jo – or Heidi


Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America. Residents are faced with high unemployment, unsafe water and low educational levels.  In addition to planting a church, our partnership with Avance Missionero Church has focused on building church leaders, training children’s ministry leaders, developing a prison ministry team and equipping leaders to teach others how to handle their finances. Our ministry in Honduras is expanding and we’d love to have you join us! To learn more, contact Jack   or Bill


Our purpose is to partner with and walk alongside Paradise Bound as they seek to continue the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ through ministering to others; addressing physical needs and well as sharing the gospel

To learn more:


Or Maureen


We partner with Hope of the Nations in their vision of bringing hope to the nations through the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. This is done by raising up leaders through its Primary School, Bible College, church planting, village outreach, trade school, farming, youth camps, and kid’s clubs. We help them enable children to receive an education, provide scholarships for pastors to be adequately trained, and help struggling families learn trade skills to support themselves. When you partner with HofN you are never simply a “sponsor” or “donor.” Instead, you are assisting in making disciples and making Jesus known in Tanzania. 

Led by Kurt and Ami Rietema   Contact Ami

Child Sponsorship

Here are ways you can get involved.

 Our Child Sponsorship Programs are holistic in their approach to addressing the needs of orphans and vulnerable children.  Not only do they provide for the child’s education, our programs focus on their spiritual, physical and emotional well being.  The children’s  families are encouraged and inspired in the process.                                             Contact Mary Jo to learn more

I met Breidy, her mom and sister at the Women’s Ministry gathering when our team was in Honduras last March.  Her mom was sitting alone and my heart went out to her.  I found out that their family is one of the poorest in the area.  On the last day we were there I was able to meet Breidy’s father and speak with him as well.  Soon, we were able to sponsor her!  When I went to Honduras in November I was able to see Breidy and her family at the medical clinic. Her father couldn’t thank me enough for our support for their family.


The Compassion Child Sponsorship Program in Honduras is designed to release children from economic, physical, social, and economic poverty.

What does my $43/monthly donation provide for this child?

  • A safe place
  • A caring team of local staff and volunteers
  • A path out of poverty though life-changing programs and services
  • A holistic approach – body, mind & spirit

Can I write a letter to my sponsored child?

You are welcome and encouraged to write to your sponsored child. Sponsors are welcome to write as often as they would like to.


My children and I were feeling called to go on a mission trip. God paved the path and we all heard Go to Zambia.  This trip has been life-changing for all of us. We were able to meet our sponsored child, Sylvester. Meeting him was something we always dreamed of but didn’t know if we would ever get the chance to go. We feel so blessed that God gave us this opportunity and we will never forget that day!  He was so excited to meet us and his family and friends embraced us. Their gratitude was overwhelming. Sylvester said his favorite thing to do was read the Bible. We were able to share our favorite Bible verses with each other.  We learned that Sylvester is a very bright boy and academically gifted! He wants to be an engineer one day. We know God is making a way for him to go to University and change his future and his family’s life.    Meeting him was truly a Divine intervention.

In the US we have so much. With a small commitment of $38 per month you can change a child’s life and their family’s future!! Please consider participating in supporting these children! You can change a life and you will be blessed!!

ZAMBIA:  the Jubilee Centre Child Sponsorship Program

What does my $38 monthly donation provide for this child?    **Note: monthy payment for sponsorship will increase to $43/month on January 1, 2024

  • Uniform, shoes and school supplies
  • Funds toward basic family needs (especially food)
  • Seed money for a small family business in the form of a savings and lending program

Can I write a letter to my sponsored child?

 You are welcome and encouraged to write to your sponsored child. Knowing that you care can make a world of difference!

  • letters are sent as a group at the end of each month.
  • You will likely receive a letter from your sponsored child 2-3 time/year. 

Jubilee Jam: join us on Thursday, September 21, 6:30 pm – Ridge Point/Commons for a fun and educational evening with fellow sponsors!  For more information contact Heidi

Jubilee Centre Gift Catalog

The items in this catalog supports families who are part of Jubilee Centre’s Network of churches to move toward becoming self sustaining.   Shop by clicking the Gift Catalog button below or request a catalog by contacting Mary Jo

Hope of the Nations Primary School provides Bible based education for the poorest of the poor children in Kigoma, Tanzania.  Their goal is to train up Godly influential leaders in Tanzania.  Doors are opened for students who are able to pass the National Exam with high marks.  

Help one of our students by making a monthly tax-deductable donation of $50 per month in your students name






Hope of the Nations – Student Sponsorship

What does my $50 monthly donation provide for this child?

 School tuition (School fees)

  • Uniform, shoes and school supplies
  • Bible, books, school supplies, and a backpack
  • Two hot meals a day
  • Yearly medical card


Fund a Farm

Purpose: To provide farms for families in Kagoma, Tanzania that struggle with having enough food for their families. The items in this brochure support individuals selected by HofN and live in villages that are struggling to provide food for their family.   Contact for a brochure and to learn more


Our trips for 2023 – 2024

As a family of disciples on Mission, we walk alongside strategic partners around the world to bring the love and hope of Jesus, to be an expression of God’s justice and mercy and to walk humbly with our God.

Here’s what is involved in the trip application process:

  1. Apply for the trip(s)
  2. A team will review all trip applicants to enable teams to function well together
  3. When you are added to the team, you will receive a “next steps” letter which explains how to make your deposit and other pre-trip preparation.
    • 120-90 days pre-trip: 25% payment due (Africa trips = 105 days pre-trip)
    • 60 days pre-trip: 50% payment due (Africa trips = 90 days pre-trip)
    • 30 days pre-trip: trip paid in full
  4. Your trip leader will contact you with information about pre-trip meetings.

Honduras - Avance Misionero

October 14 - 21, 2023

Focus for this trip is on building relationships and investing into the lives of individuals who live in La Canada.  This will include VBS, Women's & Men's Ministry and Teen Engagement.  We may also do some home repair

Trip Cost: $2,500.

Contact  Trip Leaders: Jack & Sue Dykstra  (email) or Global Missions Coordinator:  Mary Jo Busscher (email)  to learn more

Guatemala – Paradise Bound

Join us: July 16 – 23, 2024  (Application are open!)

Serve alongside Paradise Bound, building homes, participating in medical clinics, and cuddling the precious children in our Open Doors Orphanage.  The Eternal impact your team can have with-in these remote villages is incredible!
Participant Cost:  $2,800
Contact: Maureen (email) or Mary Jo (email) to learn more


Tanzania with Hope of the Nations

June 15-30, 2024   (Applications open!)

This is a camp focus team where we will be running 2 different summer camps for kids while serving alongside Hope of the Nations

Participant Cost:  $3,500
Contact: Ami (email) or Mary Jo (email) to learn more


 Zambia with Jubilee Centre 

June 12-26, 2024

We have been invited by Jubilee Centre to partner with their Ministry for a cultural experience that includes encouraging kids on sponsorship (visit your sponsored child!) & students on college scholarship, pastor support, and kinship care.

Come and See with Heidi and Me

Trip Cost:  $4,000
Trip Leaders Heidi (email) and Mary Jo (email)

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What’s coming up

Mark your calenders and join us.

Travel with a Short Term Trip Team!

*Avance Misionero – Honduras: October  14-21, 2023

*Jubilee Centre – Zambia: June 12-26, 2024

*Hope of the Nations – Tanzania: June 15-30, 2024

*Paradise Bound Ministries – Guatemala: July 16-23, 2024


 Sponsor a Child!  Provide hope for a brighter future!

* Honduras – Through Compassion International

*Tanzania – Through Hope of the Nations

* Zambia – Through Jubilee Centre

Contact Mary Jo to learn more

Jubilee Jam: – September 21, 2023: 6:30pm for Zambia Child Sponsors:

Contact Heidi to learn more

Gift Catalogs

*Fund a Farm – Tanzania

*Jubilee Centre – Zambia

Help families to become self-sustaining





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Mary Jo Busscher

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