An Exciting New Series and Journey For The Fearless Family Starts This Weekend (October 5/6)!

Fearless Followers!

This weekend our churches embark on an incredible journey. Over the next six weeks we will explore the incredible life and bold faith of Abraham (often referred to as the father of our faith). Throughout his life, Abraham made consistent and courageous decisions to be “All In” for the mission and purposes of God. This remarkable story will be the foundation of an amazing and formational experience for all of us – journey we are calling “All In.”

Through prayer, study and planning, our leadership believes this series will impact our lives and churches in ways greater than we could ask or imagine. We are inviting all of you to join this six week journey and asking you to commit to engaging in every teaching at one of our fearless churches (Cultivate, Third Coast and Ridge Point).

We are so excited to go “All In” with you as we continue to follow Jesus and fearlessly make Him known.

Kevin Pike
Senior Pastor
Fearless Family of Churches