Have you sensed the Holy Spirit moving?

This past weekend was a powerful experience of how God moves in peoples lives. Nearly 50 people came forward to be baptized; publicly declaring that they are Fearless Followers of Jesus, and sharing the stories of how God is dramatically changing their lives.

Here are some of the stories that were shared this weekend:

I still have fears, but I don’t fear failure like I used to. I know that Jesus is always there for me and He has my back.  I trust him more and more and I know He has a plan for me.  There are still things that I struggle with, but Jesus will always help me through them.

I know I will fail people and they may fail me, but, no matter how many times I fail God He will never fail me.
I am not scared of death, but I am not scared of life anymore either. I know God has a purpose for my life, and I wish to fulfill it.

I am being baptized because I want everyone to know that Jesus died for me and loves me and that I follow him. He has given me a whole new life and will someday make the world right again. 

Watch video from this weekend’s gatherings on our Livestream archive.
Raised to Life | Saturday 6pm
2-18-18-9am Baptisms
Raised to Life | Sunday 9am
2-18-18-11am Baptisms
Raised to Life | Sunday 11am