Hi God…

Learning to Pray

Week 5: Spiritual Battles


Matthew 6:13

Message Guide:

  • There is a real spiritual enemy
  • Spiritual battles require spiritual power
  • When we pray, we fight with the power of heaven behind us

Deeper Dive:

  1. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being very much, how aware have you been about spiritual warfare in your life? Explain.
  2. Which of these options describes how you have seen your role in spiritual warfare – powerless, civilian, bystander, combatant? Explain.
  3. This weekend’s sermon explored the reality of spiritual warfare, the spiritual power we have to fight and how we access that power through prayer. What stuck out the most for you from the sermon? What was new, what was challenging or difficult? Why?
  4. Read Ephesians 6:10-20. The armor is given for our protection, the Scripture for our weapon, the Spirit for strength and prayer to be our main battle technique and way of fighting. How can these resources help you in your current battles?  
  1. What in this week’s reading from Draw the Circle did you find most impactful and relevant to our discussion on spiritual warfare? Why?
  2. Many times when we engage in spiritual battle, we expect victory to come ASAP – as soon as possible. But sometimes the battle draws out and we need to pray ALAT – as long as it takes. What current battles do you face and for which you need to pray ALAT? How do you intend to do that? (One way is scheduling a time to pray specifically about it) 
  3. Fasting is one of the tools we use for spiritual battle. For Batterson, fasting is how we draw a double circle. What battles are you facing that you sense will only be won through fasting? Would you consider joining the church-wide fast on February 17?End in Prayer: Pray over one another for victory in the spiritual battles they face.