As Fearless Followers we take the Mission of Following Jesus and Making Him known seriously. We believe that making Jesus known means that we get to show others who Jesus is with our words and our actions. In fact, we believe that two of the markers of being a Fearless Follower are REACHING others with the love and hope of Jesus and RESTORING justice and mercy in our world.

As the Community Life Pastor, I get the honor of not just hearing people speak these beliefs, I have the privilege of watching the Fearless Family of Churches live out these words in the most compassionate and beautiful ways.

This week my email was full of pictures of families and children from our friends in La Canada, Honduras. Let me tell you they made we smile. They show what can be restored when the Fearless Family goes ALL IN for Generosity.

Because of your generosity, over the last 5 months we have been able to send life saving supplies to the town of La Canada! Just look the smiles on the faces of our friends who received your gifts of love and hope. And 172 little ones, who you sponsor through Compassion, have been able to grew in their faith and learn through virtual and live educational gatherings. These little ones are growing in faith and are able to fight off hunger so that they can continue to grow physically because of you!

As you remember the faces in the pictures, I encourage you to keep the 50 homes in La Canada in your prayers this week. Pray for their health, for deep rooted faith, and for safety during this season. Please also pray for the 62 children who are still available to be sponsored.  Lift up the Compassion teachers, the Pastors of Avance’ Church (Our Mission Partners in Honduras) and pray for the the Fearless Family Honduras Missions team who are passionate about the work we are called to do in La Canada.

Please know that if you are interested in sponsoring one of the 62 children who are awaiting sponsorship or if you would like talk about a future mission trip to La Canada please contact She is happy to connect you.

Thank you again for Making Jesus known with your words and actions,

Kate Bareman

Community Life Pastor

Ridge Point Community Church

The Fearless Family of Churches