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Hope For Every Child represents our overarching desire to reach and restore vulnerable children to the hope of the Gospel through Child Sponsorship. Our Child Sponsorship programs are holistic in their approach to addressing the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. Not only do they provide for the child’s education, our programs also focus on the spiritual, physical and emotional well being.


I met Breidy, her mom and sister at the Women’s Ministry gathering when our team was in Honduras last March.  Her mom was sitting alone and my heart went out to her.  I found out that their family is one of the poorest in the area.  On the last day we were there I was able to meet Breidy’s father and speak with him as well.  Soon, we were able to sponsor her!  When I went to Honduras in November I was able to see Breidy and her family at the medical clinic. Her father couldn’t thank me enough for our support for their family.


The Fearless Family partners with Compassion Child Sponsorship Program in La Canada, Honduras to release children from economic, physical, social, and economic poverty.

For a monthly gift of $43, the children we sponsor receive, among other things:

  • A safe and caring Christian environment to grow in
  • Educational opportunities
  • A path out of poverty through life-changing programs and services
  • A dedicated and caring staff and volunteer team

Can I write a letter to my sponsored child?

We invite and encourage sponsors to write to their sponsored child. Sponsors are welcome to write as often as they would like to.

Click below to sponsor a child or contact us for more information.


My children and I were feeling called to go on a mission trip. God paved the path and we all heard Go to Zambia.  This trip has been life-changing for all of us. We were able to meet our sponsored child, Sylvester. Meeting him was something we always dreamed of but didn’t know if we would ever get the chance to go. We feel so blessed that God gave us this opportunity and we will never forget that day!  He was so excited to meet us and his family and friends embraced us. Their gratitude was overwhelming. Sylvester said his favorite thing to do was read the Bible. We were able to share our favorite Bible verses with each other.  We learned that Sylvester is a very bright boy and academically gifted! He wants to be an engineer one day. We know God is making a way for him to go to University and change his future and his family’s life.    Meeting him was truly a Divine intervention.

In the US we have so much. With a small commitment of $38 per month you can change a child’s life and their family’s future!! Please consider participating in supporting these children! You can change a life and you will be blessed!!

ZAMBIA: Jubilee Center

The Fearless Family has for a number of years worked with Jubilee Center to sponsor several children in Lusaka and Ndola in Zambia.

The children chosen for sponsorship are single or double orphaned living with extended family, attend a Jubilee Network church, and are currently enrolled to go to school.

What does my $38 monthly donation provide for my sponsored child?

    **Note: Monthly payment will increase to $43/month starting January 1, 2024

  • Tuition (school fees)
  • Uniform, shoes and school supplies
  • Funds toward basic family needs (especially food)
  • Seed money for a small family business in the form of a savings and lending program

Can I write a letter to my sponsored child?

We encourage sponsors to write to their sponsored child. You will likely receive a letter from your sponsored child 2-3 time/year. 

Click below to sponsor a child or contact us for more information.

Hope of the Nations Primary School provides Bible based education for the poorest of the poor children in Kigoma, Tanzania.  Their goal is to train up Godly influential leaders in Tanzania.  Doors are opened for students who are able to pass the National Exam with high marks.  

Help one of our students by making a monthly tax-deductable donation of $50 per month in your students name





TANZANIA: Hope of the Nations

The Fearless Family is launching a new sponsorship program in Tanzania with Hope for the Nations (HofN).  HofN’s vision is to raise godly influencers and world changers for their communities and country.

Sponsorship starts when enrolling for pre-school, kindergarten, or 1st grade and carries through to 7th grade. Sponsored students come from homes with no parents, one parent or a home with adults with no employment possibilities.

What does my $50 monthly donation provide for this child?

  • Tuition (School fees)
  • Uniform, shoes and school supplies
  • Bible, books, school supplies, and a backpack
  • Two hot meals a day
  • Yearly medical card

Can I write to my sponsored child?

Due to safety concerns, we limit direct contact between sponsor and child. However, HofN  sends each donor a video of their student in the classroom along with a letter from your child 2 times per year.

Click below to sponsor a child or contact us for more information.

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