An update from La Canada Honduras:

We recently learned how challenging things are in La Canada for families because of the Covid pandemic.  Our FF Honduras Team has expressed much appreciation for the ways Compassion International is supporting children on child sponsorship and their families!  There are 4 children available who would be blessed to be part of the La Canada, sponsorship program.  You can make a difference!! Simply click the link by the child’s name and you will be transferred to the child’s profile on the Compassion International Website.  Your cost is just $38 per month.


  1. Ana Leticia Caceres – HO029500407


  1. Estephany Sofia Corea Delid HO029500418  (her preferred name is Sofia)

  1. Walter Antonio Aguilar Sanchez – HO029500412


  1. Elias Josue Vasquez – HO029500347


How You Can Pray With Us:

Covid is very active in Honduras right now. We are thankful for your financial support that is providing food rations for the precious families living in La Canada.  Pray for their health and safety.

  1. Compassion Child Sponsorship – La Canada
    • Can you answer the prayers of Anna, Sofia, Walter, or Elias with the gift of child sponsorship?
    • Pray for the children through this time of Covid as they continue their school lessons on their phones, with teacher visits, and by booklet.
    • Pray for the women who are part of Compassion’s business training that they may move toward being self-sustaining.
  2. Iglesia Avance Misionero de Honduras has chosen and are training 4 husband & wife pastor teams as prospects for the new pastor at Avance Church, La Canada.
    • Pray for the pastor teams as they are discipled & rotate leading worship services in the area.
    • Pray for the residents that their faith continues to be nourished and they are drawn closer to God.


Mary Jo
Missional Life Coordinator