Sharing Life and Following the Spirit

Sharing life, growing in faith and having someone talking to God on your behalf are all part of discipleship.

Authentic relationships are vital to our discipleship journey. Read the story of Dave and Chris to hear how their journey together has been a blessing. If you want to walk the discipleship journey with someone email

Have you ever had a feeling in your heart that you should do something? I had that feeling last winter when a disciple opportunity was offered at church. I believe it’s called a nudge from the Holy Spirit.

During my lifetime I’ve had the incredible privilege of being mentored/discipled by two men; I’m not sure they would call themselves mentors/disciplers to me, but they definitely are. So, when the opportunity came to me to step up, the Holy Spirit convicted me to say yes.

Chris and I started meeting last January. He originally requested to meet with someone that would be 10 years older than he is. God has a sense of humor; I’m old enough to be Chris’ grandfatherJ yet, somehow, we relate to each other so very well.

We meet every two weeks. We’ve found a place where we can have privacy. I look forward to our time together. It’s challenging and encouraging. We study and discuss the Bible passages which are in the In Training brochure published by Ridge Point. We talk about life issues we both face, regardless of our age difference. It’s amazing how although our ages aren’t similar many of our issues are.

So, are you feeling the nudge? Maybe it’s the Spirit encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and give it a try. – Dave Hemmeke

“My discipleship relationship with Dave has been an incredible experience for me. He is able to point my life back on track in the most biblical way every time we get together. God has blessed me with a wonderful friendship that I will always cherish.”- Chris Melton