Hi Fearless Followers,

It is with much anticipation and excitement that I tell you we will be starting a 4-week marriage series called Flourish on the weekend of March 6-7 at all our Fearless Churches. Many of our marriages have been impacted one way or another after a year of a pandemic. Add to this, the regular challenges of marriage and we believe it is time to learn from God’s Word how we can thrive in our marital commitments and opportunities.

This series will be accessible for all, regardless of how long you’ve been married, how well your marriage is doing, and whether or not God is a part of your marriage. But we are also mindful that not all of you are married. We will bring high relevance to those considering marriage (sooner or later) and those who are single, as much of the teaching will apply to all close relationships.

On the weekend of March 20-21, Jim Daly from Focus on the Family will be giving the weekend message. He is a warm and wise Bible teacher who has expertise on marriage that is hard to beat. Along with our regular weekend services, we will also be holding a Marriage Workshop called Resist the Drift led by Focus on the Family’s Greg Smalley on Saturday, March 20th from 9a-2p at Ridge Point. You can register for the event at www.fearlessfollower.org/resist-the-drift/.

I believe God is in the business of making difficult marriages healthy and good marriages thrive. That will be our aim for this series. I am hoping you will commit to all four weeks of this series.

I also want to encourage you to invite couples you know who could benefit from inspiring and practical teaching on marriage. Many couples who don’t normally go to church will say yes to an opportunity to improve their marriage. Please take time to pray over couples you know that you could invite. I would love to see this series not only help your friends enhance their marriage but also find a place to take their next step spiritually!

It is such a pleasure to serve alongside all of you!


Pastor Kevin