Relationships are central to who we are as people, and because no matter how committed we are to those relationship, we are at times going to hurt each other. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that we become experts in forgiveness. One of the central themes of the entire Bible is forgiveness – whether it is asking for forgiveness, giving forgiveness, or even learning to forgive ourselves. Over the next four weeks we are going to learn the art of giving, receiving, and accepting apology. We will examine the ingredients of good conflict resolution. We will also see that embracing forgiveness does not mean looking the other way at an offense or becoming a doormat.

This weekend, Easter weekend, we will start with the foundation of all forgiveness: God’s desire to forgive us. This is the perfect weekend to personally appreciate and embrace our great, grace-giving Savior, and to invite friends and family members who have never learned how they can be forgiven. I can think of no better way to launch our series, Forgiven, than to do it this weekend with Good Friday and Easter.

See you there!