What a weekend! What a reason to be excited and pumped up! Jesus is ALIVE and 60+ people publicly declared, “I believe!” by getting baptized.

They are excited about a new lifestyle, a new mindset, and a NEW DIRECTION! And should be asking the question, “now what?”

There are new needs in their life, ones they may not have realized until this past weekend. Actually, it is something that we ALL need when we believe in Jesus, whether we are a new believer or have been for years.

I ran into someone who wanted to journey alongside with me a long time ago. This person has taught me who Jesus is, how much He loves me and how that effects everything in my life. I wish I had known him years before I did. It would have saved me from many wrong paths.

We ALL need someone to journey with and guide us during life’s moments, especially when we are seeking direction. Guides are people who love us no matter what and are willing to learn with us. If you are a “Fearless Follower”, that’s you!

There are 60 people, in fact many more, that need you. Don’t let the evil one tell you that you are not good enough, or you do not know enough. They need you, now.

Join us to explore this wonderful journey together at our next Gathering on Sunday, May 19, from 10:30-11:30 in the Centre.

Plus, I hear Kate will have her running shoes on when we Gather.
Blessings, Mick