I always thought “discipleship” would be hard, time consuming, and stressful. I’d tell myself “I’m too busy with everything I’m already doing. I don’t have time to add in ANOTHER thing!” to justify why I wasn’t in any discipleship relationships. When Ridge Point started talking about what the Bible says discipleship is, I began looking at the things I’m already doing and the people I’m already doing life with.

From October through March, I played in a weekly volleyball league with a group of girls, and at the end of the season we realized how much we valued having every Monday evening be a “girls’ night”. We wanted to continue doing life together, especially after becoming so close with weekly volleyball games. All of us agreed that we were craving solid, godly female friendships, so we began meeting weekly to intentionally talk about what God was teaching us through life, relationships, work, and our devos.


To give you an inside look at how WE do discipleship, it looks like this: at our weekly/bi-weekly meet-ups, we share highs and lows for the week, we each share one of our devos from the week, and we share prayer requests. During the rest of the week, we have a group chat where we send an accountability picture of our devo for the day as well as sharing encouragement throughout the week. But sometimes “discipleship” looks like hanging out together at Tulip Time, meeting at the Holland State Park to play volleyball, or taking a vacation together.


We don’t feel like we were adding “another thing” to our already busy schedules; we’re all friends who were doing life together anyway! Because of our volleyball-turned-discipleship group, my faith has grown a TON. The discipline of doing devos has turned into a habit that I look forward to, I have a regular group of ladies who can pray for and encourage me, and all of our perspectives are shifting to those that seek and find God’s hand everywhere.

Moral of this story: don’t try and do ANOTHER thing. Look at where you’ve been planted and bloom there.

-Whitney Housenga