Your ALL-IN generosity continues to make waves around the world:  Savings Groups are the core of Jubilee Centre’s Child Sponsorship Program.  Families are growing their own finances and are able to save and prepare for tomorrow. Martha, JC’s Child Sponsorship  Coordinator writes, “Thank you so much for all you do for the sake of the least of these.  At times you may not realize the impact of your support until you actually visit these families and see what the Lord has done in their lives through the savings!   Some of the businesses we visited were:

 Moment – Sponsored by Mike & Karen   Moment’s mom provides breakfast and lunch at the market for their clients.  She has been doing this for close to two years now and is doing really well.  “People at times come to just buy already prepared meat and vegetables so they can go and cook their own nshima at home” says Moment’s mom.

Angela – Sponsored by Paul & Lynae       The family sells vegetables, cold water and freeze it (frozen drinks).  The mother nurses a child who has health issues, (disabled). She spends most of her time at home caring and making sure the child has medicine required, then only does she head to the market to sell her produce.  This child has been like this since birth and is now 14 years old.

Carol – Sponsored by Jack & Peggy   Carol’s mother sells dry fish which she orders from the Eastern part of the country.  She says she gets good profit from the sells especially when the fish is good.  Has been selling fish for the past three and a half years.

Mortar – Sponsored by Cheryl   Mortar’s mother sells second-hand clothes.  She saves K50 every Saturday through her Mobile Money account.  She is saving to buy a plot of land for her family.

Kunda – Sponsored by Sally   Kunda’s mother started selling dry fish, then in June she decided to try peanuts.  That has been going very well for her and she managed to buy 12 bags of peanuts which she sells at K100 per gallon.  She says she will continue with that for now.

 Maureen – Sponsored by Jill   Maureen’s mom makes door mats.  In a day Maureen’s mother makes one and a half door mats using 25kg and 90 kg empty mealie meal bags.  The prices vary from K100 to K250 depending on the sacks available.

Evelyn – Sponsored by John & Erin   This family’s business is selling roasted corn on a cob by the roadside.  They sell 200 cobs a day.  They have since opened two more stations in one of the busy markets of Lusaka called Soweto.”

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