Our power went out Sunday night meaning no lights, running water or heat.  I reflected on the children we sponsor in Zambia; most have no electricity.  Families bring water in buckets from a nearby well for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning.  They have no heat in their homes.  Often the families only meal is served at 4p before darkness falls.

Can you provide a spark of light to a vulnerable child in Zambia?  Your sponsorship dollars ($38/month) provide funds for school fees & uniform, shoes, and seed money for a small business.  Jubilee Centre empowers families through their savings and lending program to move toward become self-sustaining.  To learn more contact MaryJoB@FearlessFollower.org

Giving Tree launches the weekend of November 28 and 29.  Profiles of specific children and children who have been chosen but are not aware of this yet will be available on the World Giving Tree.  Get a jump start and use this link:  Z-CSP Click here