Kid’s Food Basket: A Thousand Opportunities to Be For Every Child!

278, 195, 200, 20, 174, 107

Those could seem like random numbers and names of places, but they are not. These are the names of the schools and the numbers of kids from each school that is waiting to receive a meal to take home. These meals may be the only food that 1000+ kids in our area will eat before their free breakfast or lunch the next day at school.

Woodside (278 kids)
Holland Heights (195)
Pine Creek (200)
Sheldon Pines (20)
Jefferson (174)
Maplewood (107)
***We are also starting a Pilot program in Pullman!

Kids Food Basket organizes and provides food for kids to eat at home. They work with food insecurity, understanding that if the basic needs of a child are not met, kids cannot focus on the less tangible things like school and relationships that will help them succeed in life.

The simple task of providing food for at risk kids can literally be the difference between succeeding in school and not succeeding.

We are partnering with Kids Food Basket to provide 1000+ meals for kids in our area. We have a packing party scheduled here at Ridge Point Community Church on September 11. In just one hour of your time on that Wednesday night, you have the opportunity to impact kids’ lives in a meaningful way. We have a chance to show our community that Ridge Point cares – that Jesus cares.

We are still celebrating the fact that our network of churches just sponsored 250 kids around the world. We’ve established that we are For Every Child globally. Let’s show our communities that as we represent the Kingdom of God, we are For Every Child locally as well.

Interested? Let us know you’ll be there by filling out a quick form here

Grace abd Peace,

Kate Bareman
Community Life Pastor
Ridge Point Community
Fearless Family of Churches