Making Waves as We Give

Text: Acts 4

Message Guide

What We Hold Back Holds Us Back

What We Give Launches Us To Make Waves

Deeper Dive

Question 1 – What’s the craziest generous gift or help you’ve ever received? What was that like? Share with the group.  

Question 2 – The early church had an exciting ride. But it wasn’t without its challenges. When has following Jesus cost you? How? 

Question 3 – Read Acts 4:31-37. One of the things that stands out is the early believers were willing to sacrifice much of their lives (time, resources, etc.) But what they were willing to let go of allowed them to experience more and more of God’s desires and plans for their lives and their community. What do you sense you need to let go in order to experience more of God in your life?

Question 4 – Barnabas, an early disciple and missionary partner to Paul was able to let go of his life of comfort and privilege and in so doing stepped into a wave making movement that would live long beyond him. What would change about your life today if you knew that the waves you are making will outlive you?

Question 5   There is a stark difference between Ananais and Sapphira and Barnabas – who steps into a wave making legacy that we are all a part of today. What is the difference?

Question 6 – Surrender and adventure go hand in hand. Jesus doesn’t always ask us to give up everything we have to follow him. But he does ask us if we will put him first beyond all things. He asks us if we are willing to surrender what we hold dear for something greater – His mission, His purpose, His Kingdom! What keeps you from surrendering to God? What would it look like to overcome that?

Question 7 – Discuss the next steps you need to take to “Make Waves” in the area of deeper and more committed generosity.