Making Waves as We Go

Text: Acts 7

Message Guide

God Makes Waves Through Our Sacrifice!

Deeper Dive

Question 1 – Would you say you are more of a risk taker or more risk averse? Share a story to illustrate. 

Question 2 – Read Acts 6. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Stephen was noted for his faith, power to perform miracles and wisdom to proclaim the Gospel. When has someone pointed out your faith or wisdom and you knew it could only have been God’s doing?

Question 3 – Stephen’s bold proclamation about Jesus faced opposition from Jews who stirred up controversy and had Stephen arrested. Have you ever faced opposition because of your Christian proclamation? How did you respond? What might your response say about the way you live your life? 

Question 4 – Stephen spoke up boldly for Christ even when he knew it would potentially get him arrested and flogged. He showed radical commitment to the cause of Christ. On a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate your comm​ittment to the cause of Christ?  (1 is not committed and 10 is very committed)

Question 5   Read Acts 7:54-60. Jesus stands in recognition of Stephens bold faith and witness in the face of challenge and trial. When we declare the Gospel of Jesus in the midst of the unknown; when we stand for Jesus, Jesus stands for us. How does knowing this change the way you live your life?

Question 6 – “Surrender is the Catalyst to Making Waves.” Stephen’s surrender led to a great wave of expansion. Similarly, our surrender will also lead to a great wave of expansion. What are some of the ways you’d like to see the Kingdom of God expand?

Question 7 – We surrender when the put the mission of God first in our lives and see our commitments through. What will it take for you to fulfil your commitment? How can this group help.