When we gather with a body of believers, we are blessed with the opportunity to love, serve, comfort, and build up other Christ-Followers.  We were not meant to live this life on our own.  God lovingly set us apart.  HE has given us each other, to encourage one another in our faith and remind each other of who God is and all that HE has promised.

The Fearless Family of Churches is in the beginning stages of walking with a group of new Christ Followers in the Village of Cambacol, Guatemala

This video is a beautiful example of a church body that is living this out well.  Maria shares her story of a PBM house church in the village of Cambalcol.  Feeling led by God, she encouraged this small group of believers to go, and reach out to a neighbor with the love of Jesus.  That act of obedience has sparked many others to join them, and what started a just a few gathering to Pray and worship, has now become a congregation!

I hope Maria’s story brings you joy and encouragement today.  Would you please continue to Pray for this village and PBM’s Discipleship team as they continue to walk alongside this church as they grow and mature in their faith?

 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20