Over the last week our Ridge Point family has stepped up in big ways. Many of you have donated, dropped off care packages, helped with care calls and invited friends to worship with you online. We have had leaders continue to meet and lead their classes in person and virtually. We have had 175 meals either picked up or delivered over the last week. We are the church being the hands and feet of Jesus. It’s been amazing to see!

Today, I called one of our Term group leaders to check in with them and we had such a great conversation. She was excited to be able to lead her group virtually over the next few weeks. After we worked out the details of online meetings, I asked her if she knew of anyone in her group who had any needs that the church could help with (food, t.p., prayer). She said immediately, “I have a need!”

It just so happened that she was running low on few essential items like toilet paper and could use a few rolls. After a few more minutes on the phone we were able to work out the details to help meet her need. She will receive a care package delivery with toilet paper and a few food items thanks to the generous donations from the Ridge Point family. She will also check in with the group that she leads to make sure that their needs are met. She is just one of the many stories of people meeting the needs of others and having their needs met.

If you want to help meet a need or have need, we want to know. Email Care@fearlessfollower.org.