The Mosaic team has been talking with some of our local foster agencies. It’s no great surprise; everyone is expecting an influx of kiddos into care once school starts.  They are expecting an increase in some high trauma cases: especially sexual abuse of younger children, and teens coming out of juvenile detention. Foster parents are going to have to rise up to meet the need when that happens. With additional state budget cuts expected, and agency staffing requirements, there isn’t enough time, money or staff to simply “raise up” more foster parents to meet the need. We need to increase the capacity of those of us already licensed in the area.


Fearless Followers  “Are for Every Child”!  We can support families who are providing foster care in tangible ways such as: bring a meal, wash laundry, or assist with a home improvement project


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Are you  a Foster Family who would like to RAISE YOUR CAPACITY?


We are here to do life with and support you!  Watch for  FREE upcoming trainings to help you:


  • Aug 19: Sexual Abuse Identification.
  • Aug 26: Fostering Abuse Survivors.
  • Oct 5: Practical tips and advice for Fostering Children with Autism and other Difficult Behaviors.


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