C.S. Lewis once said that, “No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.”

If you or a loved one has ever experienced the pain of loss you know exactly how grief and fear can feel.  During those times you don’t have to go through it alone and you can experience hope and healing by walking and talking with others through Grief Share.

Grief Share is a really helpful and encouraging support group for those who are grieving the loss of someone close to them. If  you have either experienced grief  or have walked with someone through a loss this would be a great place for you to come to share your story and to find pathways of help, hope, and healing.

GriefShare meets on Thursdays 6pm-7:30pm (Jan 23 – April 16) in the Prayer Room at Ridge Point. Cost $10 covers materials.  Contact  kathy@kathyjp523.com

Please contact care@fearlessfollower.org  if you have any questions, and please pass this on to someone you know who is hurting and might need a glimmer of hope and community today.