Dear Fearless Families,

A week ago we celebrated Child Dedication and I was reminded again of the journey our families are on as they raise their children to know and love Jesus.

Many of our families are facing difficulties, some of the difficulties are ones we all have gone through, and some then have been intensified by the changes Covid has brought to our everyday life. You may have heard this phrase, “we hear enough stories of heartbreak in a week to last a lifetime”. It sounds like a neat turn of phrase, but it’s absolutely true. I have talked to moms and dads who are fighting to keep love alive in the midst of the most difficult of circumstances. I have listened to stories from parents who want the best for their children but are struggling to know what the best is. And then there are the questions about how to cope with changes in their child’s behavior and tensions at home.

Family Ministries wants to partner and support families in a way that builds strong roots in the truth of God’s Word so we can celebrate the best of times and travel together through the difficult times knowing that doing the best that you can is – doing the best that you can.

On Wednesday, September 23 from 6:00 – 7:30pm Dan Seaborn will be bringing a word of encouragement and hope from God’s word specifically to families with children of any age.  We have designed plenty of time for questions and answers with Dr. Peter Newhouse, a Winning at Home counselor and Dan, so bring your questions – even the questions that are hard to ask. It will be an honest 90 minutes that will give you a better perspective of where you are and tools to help your family journey together well through Covid and beyond.

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Grace and Peace,
Cathy Dreyer