Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom….

…of adult children….

…who have their own homes, cars and jobs.

If only they called their mother every now and again!

Empty nester parenting is awesome and it comes with its unique set of rules and expectations. What my kids need from now is very different from what they needed from me and Scott Baremen when they were younger.

I enjoyed watching my babies grow in every age and stage of development. However, some of those stages were rougher than others.

The eat, sleep and poop stage when they are squishy and new is crazy because they can’t tell you what they need at 2:18am when they are screaming with discontent. Then 25 minutes later with a smile on their face and a dripple of milk on their chins, your milk drunk angel conks out in your arms with a smile on their face because they needed comfort and food.

The middle school years are full of eye rolls, funky smelling sweaty kids who are too cool for parents but desperately in need of reassurance.

The high school year are a trip. All the stress, annoyance and screaming. And that’s just from you not them. This stage is tricky to maneuver through because it can be hard to figure out what your student needs from you.

Kara Powell says that kids in this stage need us, as parents to be the wall!

What does that mean, you may ask?

Check out her blog  HERE to find out the ways you can be wall for your kids.

Kate Bareman

High School Pastor