Looking For The Light

A Study of Philippians.

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We are so excited, as a Fearless Family, to dive into a seven-week study of Philippians! This book is an amazingly practical letter—sort of a “101” on Christian living.

The primary purpose of this important letter from Paul is to show Jesus as a model of humility and selfless service so that the Philippian Christians might be further unified and Christlike. Together we will explore and grow as a community of Fearless Followers.

The church in Philippi is a shining example, in the New Testament, of a church that is making the light of Jesus shine. It is the only church in Paul’s epistles without any admonishment, Paul writes to them to encourage and spur them on in their growth and advancement of the gospel.

Much of this study came from Gospel Coalition, if you would like to dive deeper into the book of Philippians.

How To Use This Study:

There are two studies for each week:

Weekend Guide: Use this as your weekend study guide, each message will focus on the text in these guides.  Read the passage, listen to the weekend teaching, then answer and reflect on the questions.

Weekday Guide: Use this for your daily devotion throughout the week. Read the passage, listen to the Fearless Word of the Day (Bible Reading Plan) and answer the questions throughout the week.

After completing the week’s readings, set aside time to discuss the weekly reading with your life group, friends or as a family devotion. When you gather, have each person share:

  1. What stood out most in this week’s readings? What memories or experiences did it trigger? What new things did you learn?
  2. What did you find challenging? What did you not fully agree with? What follow–up questions do you have
  3. What applications did you take from the reading, and how do you plan to implement them in your life?
  4. What are some prayers you are making as a result of this week’s readings? Spend some time praying together.

We hope that both you, family members, and your Life Group use the Looking for the Light study to not only grow in your faith but also live it out in Christian community from day-to-day.