Here in the Fearless Family, we get so excited when the annual Princess Dance is upon us! We believe in the positive impact a strong male role-model plays in the course of a girl’s development. This event is a chance to come alongside our community and provide an uplifting evening of music, snacks, dancing, and laughter to help foster those relationships.

The Princess Dance is an invitation to take your daughter (or girl who is like a daughter) to an event that focuses on who she is: a beloved child of God. It is an opportunity to build into her life in three ways that will help her grow into a Godly woman.

A Heavenly Reminder: When you spend quality time with your daughter, it is an opportunity to focus on her and call out the good traits you observe. Remind her regularly of the beauty God has placed inside of her—inside and out—so she sees herself as more than just her looks. Let the emphasis be on the things that last forever, such the kindness of her spirit or the strength of her character.

A Boost in Confidence: In every parenting seminar I have attended, parents are reminded how girls who are delighted in feel more delightful. Enjoy your time with her. Play with her. Listen to her. Learn what she loves and why she loves it. As you enjoy who she is, she will feel that she is an enjoyable person. This will build your daughter’s confidence and her self-worth.

A Loving Word at Every Age: When your daughter was little, it may have felt easier to know how to spend time with her. As she gets older, it may feel like she is a little more awkward with you. This is completely normal in adolescence. Despite any awkwardness, she still needs you to invest in and move toward her. Conversations with teenage girls are often better spent around a task. The Princess Dance provides one opportunity for such, but continue finding those opportunities throughout the year. Teach her to drive in a parking lot. Go explore nature. Take her fishing, biking, or skiing. Go for dinner at her favorite restaurant. Ask about her friends and the music she likes. She longs for you to know her, regardless if, as a teenager, she often won’t say the words.

Investing in your daughter in these ways, starting in infancy and going through the teenage years, will help instill in her the value she holds both in your eyes and in the eyes of her Heavenly Father. We feel honored to be able to journey alongside you in parenting these precious children of God. Our annual father/daughter Princess Dance is the ultimate celebration of this significant relationship.



Pastor Cathy