This week a crowd of 400 people gathered around the banks of a pond in anticipation, to glimpse a holy and special moment. Out of the 400, 23 came forward to be baptized. 12 shared their stories and some declared what God had done to transform their doubt to faith while a few expressed their desire to start a relationship with Jesus, who gave His life for theirs 2,000 years ago.

As I stood and watched my mind took me back to the Jordan river and the story of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist. Afterward God declared His pleasure at watching the Son that he loved get baptized. I was reminded of my own baptism. The feel of the cool water at the feet and the joy that entered my heart as the waters of Jordan covered my face and mingled with my tears of Joy. All I could do was smile as I remembered. As I remembered I watched the 23 beloved children of God of all ages and stages of life, take anxious steps into the waters. Their faces full of anticipated joy of knowing that all their shame, guilt and hurt has been removed and replaced with God’s grace, truth and purpose.  One by one, each of them waded in the cool water. And each one came up out of the water raised to New Life in Jesus. It was Jordan river moment. The crowd of 400 Fearless Followers who gathered around the pond looked on and celebrated this spectacular moment. It was beautiful to witness.

What about you? Have you experienced the joy of being raised to New life and the freedom of being called beloved child of God? Choosing to follow Jesus is the most important decision you can make. Once you’ve done that, baptism is the next step in your relationship with Jesus and other Fearless Followers.

There is a Jordan river moment available to you if you haven’t had one. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk about it.

Kate Bareman